Get Ready for a Flat Belly

It doesn’t matter how we got this belly or what the problem is like if it is baby weight or it’s the craving for food. Many of us have a fat belly, and we aim to get rid of it. But sometimes you may feel achieving a flat belly is not in your destiny.

We all want to live a happy and active life then let’s march towards it. If we take care of our diet, avoid some food, replace them with others then we can achieve what we want to, for an example a flat belly.
Some of the things that we should add up to our diet that can help in getting a flat belly are:

Beans are a Fat Fighter

Beans are rich in starch, a fat fighter that is also present in bananas, potatoes and corn. Beans’ specialty is that its starch doesn’t turn into sugar like most of the carbs, but instead it passes out through body as undigested playing a role of fibers. Adding chickpeas or kidney beans in our meals or salad can also make it tasty but also improve our health.

Cucumbers Reduce Bloat

Cucumbers are loaded with water content and are low calorie fruit as one whole cucumber has only 45 calories. Cucumbers keep the body hydrated and also to manage weight. Cucumbers are also helpful in bloated belly. They inhibit pro-inflammatory enzymes that helps in reducing swelling. They also make you feel full and keep our body fresh.

Green Tea Burns Fat

There is a great connection between small waists and amount of green tea consumed. It efficiently attacks on belly fat as it has catehchins that boost energy utilizing, it increases the dispensation of fat from fat cells especially in abdomen and also speed up the burning of fat. Consuming at least three to five cups of green tea a day can help reduce weight and belly fat.

Berries, Cherries and Grapes Taste Great

Grapes, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and tart cherries along with their vibrant color due to presence of anthocyanin, add taste to our meals and snacks but also play in role in burning body fat. Belly fat get easily consumed by anthocyanin than any other body fat part.

Asparagus is a Prebiotic

All green vegetables are low calorie and help in promoting a healthy weight and weight loss, but asparagus has a triple action in it. It is a rich source of prebiotic which encourage the growth of friendly bacteria in digestive tract. It also has insoluble fiber and natural anti-flammatory substance that decreases irritation.

Water is Essential

Drinking water is a must in losing weight as well as in supporting a healthy body. It is believed that green and fiber rich foods are good for attaining a flat belly as they help to export the food through the digestive tract. But water is a major part in digesting food and excreting it out. Water is essential in moving undigested fiber through the digestive tract, preventing bloating and constipation. Everyone has a different body, so their requirements are also different. Eight glasses of water is a general rule for everyone.

The Institute of Medicine suggests 91 ounces per day for women (or about 11.4 cups) and men, 125 ounces per day (or about 15.6 cups) of water from all beverages and foods.