African Americans Are At Greater Risk for Certain Diseases

Nowadays human beings are affected by a chain of diseases, and the reason includes different factors like pollution, carelessness toward cleanliness, bacteria attacks or different viruses. You’ll be shocked to learn people of African American ethnicities are more prone to these life-threatening diseases.

According to research, there are 117% more chance for an African America person to catch a disease as compared to other races. There could be multiple reasons behind that, but we will discuss some of the key reasons below.


Obesity, or being overweight, is a factor that is considered to be the mother of all diseases. When a person is overweight or out of shape, they are more at risk for life-threatening diseases. This is doubled for the case of obese African Americans individuals. It is critical to take action against obesity and eat a healthy diet, so you are not affected by diseases such as high cholesterol level, heart disease, lungs cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes do not affect you. Because of excess weight, breathing becomes difficult which leads to asthma.


Like cancer, diabetes is also a form of disease mostly African Americans, Asians Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, and Pacific Islander descendants are more prone to. These individuals already have a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes as compared to other ethnic groups. This may be due to lifestyle and diet.

Sickle Cell Anemia

According to research, this is a type of disease affects more Africa American, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean individuals than any other ethnic group. The chances of sickle cell anemia is 100% more than other ethnic groups. Sickle cell anemia it is a disorder of inherited red blood cells. In simple words, individuals who don’t have solid red blood cells due to genetics, they are more likely to develop this disease.


In conclusion, different researchers prove that African American people have more contingency to be affected my particular conditions. There are multiple reasons behind that some include their way of living and others are related to their genes. As disheartening as it is, to avoid these circumstances, African American individuals must take extra precaution. It is also important to keep in mind for any ethnic group should already be taking care of their health and taking extraordinary precautionary measures as well to promote a long, healthy lifespan.