How To Curb Hunger Naturally


Are you a spoiled couch potato who cannot take their hands off of potato crisps every time you tune into Netflix? Are you a pregnant woman who weeps at her ever-increasing weight while indulging in a second serving of Nutella? Or are you just another individual who salivates at the sight of food even when you have just had a meal?

You may have realized that you are not alone in this constant struggle to stop feeling hungry every single time.
So, how do you cope with it? How can you stop feeling hungry all the time? Fret not! We have compiled a list to answer all your worries on how to stop this mindless munching spree of yours!

1) Cut Down Excessive Refines Carbs:

The primary reason why your hand moves to grab another drop cookie from the cookie jar, when you already are eating one, is due to excessive sugar intake. The ideology behind this precaution is simple enough; eating sugar intensifies sugar cravings. Limiting your sugar intake will help deal with excessive eating habits.

2) Eat. Drink More Water:

Why drink water, when you need to suppress your hunger? Your body is almost 70 % water. Drinking more water will simulate a feeling of a full stomach, preventing you from further immoderate eating. So, go ahead and gulp down that half gallon water bottle in a day!

3) Fats Are Your Friends:

Fats (read: healthy fats) are your best friends. Substitute your daily intake of potato crisps and buttered popcorn, with Cheese for starters, fresh fish cooked in extra virgin olive oil for mains and Dark chocolate for dessert. Who knew healthy fats could be this lip-smacking delicious?

4) Eat When the Time is Right:

We cannot emphasize enough on taking your meals on time. Studies have shown that an elaborate breakfast in the morning, can leave you feeling full and contented till noon. Not feeling hungry until before lunch means no mindless munching!

5) Eat Your Greens:

Can’t stop feeling hungry? Eat vegetables! Vegetables are rich in high fiber content. Vegetables emulate the same full stomach feeling as water, thus curbing your endless hunger.

6) Sleep More:

If you are a midnight snacking fan, the odds are that you are a night owl and love to keep awake at night! How to stop being hungry at night? You ask. Try getting a good 8-hour sleep, to reset your biological clock, as well as sleeping and eating patterns.

7) Eat Slowly:

‘Slow and steady wins the race!’, and so will you against your hunger pangs. Whenever you sit down to have a meal, think of it as your last meal. Eating slowly, chewing every morsel, cherishing every bite. At the end of the meal, you will feel thankful and pleased with your food.

8) Scrap That Stress:

Prolonged stress can increase your hunger pangs. Cortisol, which is a hormone that is released into the body under stressful conditions, aggravates your hunger, resulting in overeating. To get rid of stress, bring out your boxing gloves and smack down that punching bag and feel light as a feather!

9) Divert Your Attention:

When hunger strikes at ungodly hours, try to divert your attention. If you are sitting, lie down and read a book, if you are walking to the fridge, instead move towards your garage and try your hand at playing basketball. Try to trick your brain into suppressing your hunger cravings.

10) Snack Between Meals:

This might sound counter initiative, but if you are wondering how to stop feeling hungry and lose weight, then you are at the right place! You should consume five small meals in a day. During breakfast and lunch, munch on some high protein power snack like chia or flax seeds, and during the time between lunch and dinner, snack up on nutrient rich, high fiber, dried fruits. These will not only energize you but will help keep you away from sugar and fat laden treats as well.

These tips can assist you from stop feeling hungry without eating while adding up to your overall health. On the chance you feel the urge to grab a bite, follow these tips to ensure a hunger free and stress-free day!