Why You Hit a Weight Loss Plateau

Is weight loss plateau real? Hitting a weight loss plateau is real. A nightmare, but real. Almost similar to getting all the lottery numbers right, except that one last unreasonable number, which withholds your lottery win!

Shedding unwanted fat with at fast speed at first, but then coming to a complete standstill. Congratulations, you have just hit a weight loss plateau! You would be relieved to know that most people, who were steadily losing fat, their progress has reached a dead end.

Why Do We Hit a Weight Loss Plateau?

Many factors determine our inability to proceed further and reach those summer body goals that we had been working so hard for. The most common one being our loss of interest. Once you start witnessing noticeable weight reduction, you become lenient to your otherwise strict weight loss diet and exercise patterns.

Consider the following weight loss plateau causes that make us hit a weight loss plateau, and find out which was the one that made your progress come to a standstill.

Over Indulgence

The phrase, ‘Treat Yourself’ rings true to us, but indulging in sweet and sinful treats from time to time, is the reason your progress come to a halt.

Neglecting Exercise

Once you hit the premises of your ideal weight goal, you might overlook the importance of exercise, all throughout your journey.

Inadequate Sleep

To prevent catching extra fats, you need to catch up on your 8-hour beauty sleep. When you sleep less, your body compensates for the energy lost by downing carb-rich snacks to keep awake. High amounts of carbs are enough to trigger weight gain in your body.


Stress is the real culprit behind all your weight loss related dilemmas. Not being able to combat the dreaded weight loss plateau after one month, is reason enough for stress hormones to be released in the body. Stress causes mindless binging and in the long run, weight gain. Catch it before it catches on you!

Yikes! I Hit the Weight Loss Plateau, Now What to Do?

Now that you know why you hit a weight loss plateau, it’s time to buckle up and jump over and break a weight loss plateau. Here’s what you need to do, in case you are unable to proceed with your weight loss.

Call a Slumber Party!

Sleep! Sleep like you were born to do it. Sleep like there’s no tomorrow! Call for a slumber party and your friends that have hit a weight loss plateau and catch up on that precious sleep, overcoming the weight loss plateau.

Cut Down Those Calories!

Yes, you are still consuming more calories than you should. No, it’s not okay to continue to do so. As your weight loss progresses, so does your body’s needs. Now that you have liberally cut down your calorie intake does not look back. To shed those remaining pounds, you need to limit your calorie intake further, so that it does not exceed your calorie expenditure. Otherwise, you will run straight into a weight loss plateau, head on!

Exercise Like Your Life Depended On It!

Well, to be honest, your life does depend on exercise. We come across a point in our weight loss journey when we are overjoyed at being able to lift dumbbells and stop right there. Why stop there? Why not go ahead and lift those barbells?
You will experience weight loss plateau if you do not push yourself to ace further limits. Don’t go easy on yourself, instead, try on new exercises to break your hard-set boundaries and start shedding that extra weight.

Limit Your Salt Intake

Additional salt in your body will attract water like a babe magnet. Your body will start retaining water and swell up, giving you the delusion of weight gain.

Banish those salty crackers and cheese from your life, and witness how your body shrinks back to its original size.

With weight loss plateau explained, try these tips to lose that stubborn fat clinging from your body, and say hello to that flawlessly lean body that is worthy of gracing a health and fitness magazine!