What Your Cravings Mean

Are you prone to the mid-morning munchies? Do you leave every important thing just for a burger? Want to know what does craving indicates? Do you even know what craving is?

Craving is a fierce desire of eating a type of particular food; pizza, chocolates, soft drinks, cigarette or alcohol. It is not usually related to hunger sometimes people have eaten and are full enough but still want to eat some specific food. That sometimes is the reason behind obesity as well because people don’t realize the meaning of craving properly.

What Cravings Mean

There is a certain point that must be noted is that when you’re craving for anything that is an indication that you need to know about what your body needs. Cravings are not related to hunger because hunger is a matter of stomach, but the craving is a matter of the brain. Hunger deals with your survival mechanism and cravings are about your intense desire.

Few things which you crave for sometimes badly means that your body is demanding for the particular mineral; vitamin, calcium, iron, zinc, etc.

Craving Chocolate or Sweets

If you’re having an incredibly powerful desire of eating some chocolate lava cake, you must know that it is a signal that your brain is giving to you that you need to eat some magnesium or potassium. Be weary to not indulge into too many sweets as it can lead to type 2 diabetes.

Craving Salty Foods

When you crave something salty, it usually has to do with the fact that the body lacks milk and dairy alternatives in their meal plan such as calcium from dairy foods like low-fat cheese or yogurt.
But if you’re craving for salt like never before, then the symptoms are that you could have a disorder of your adrenal gland or low blood pressure, fatigue. It is the time to consult your doctor at first. Constant salty cravings can also be a sign of kidney disease, while consuming too much salt can lead to hypertension.

Craving for Soil, Rocks, and Dirt

Pica, a deficiency, can be a sign that indicates that you lack essential minerals, most often iron or zinc. It is a sign of underlying nutritional deficiency, and this disorder can lead to stomach or intestinal obstructions.

What helps you to deal with cravings?

Water cuts cravings for certain foods. Lack of water is sometimes confused by the cravings. So yeah next time you want something desperately. Consume a nice, tall glass of water first.

The Verdict

When you experience a craving for some food, you must wait for 20 minutes or choose a healthy meal. If you badly want to eat chocolates, then choose dark chocolate (with a consistency of at least 65% cocoa) to satisfy your urge. Doctors recommend it. Eat healthily and live healthily.

Pro-tip: Remember, when most cravings occur when something in your life is out of balance.