Make Cellulite Disappear

Stretch marks are very commonly seen in most of us. Stretch marks may occur in both small children and adults. It may visit you due to various reasons such as pregnancy, gaining weight, weight loss, or anytime when your muscles experience a sudden and ultimate huge spread over .

Cellulite intend to stay with us for an entire life time. But with much determination to treat cellulite could probably help you to see your skin clearly back again. Not every lotion application would probably work out for treating this matter. By speaking, many people who have treated the cellulite do recommend some useful home remedies which you will learn below.

Sugar Application

Using a table spoon of sugar along with little drops of almond oil and lemon juice stirred well together could help you get a decent liquid to apply on. Once this is made apply it straight on to the area which has these marks and continue to rub the application around the stretch mark for 8 or 10 minutes until the application solidly enters the skin. Take a shower afterwards and further continue it for one or two months to witness clear and great results.

The Best of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a well known home remedy which works for many issues ranging with cellulite, stretch marks, and all kinds of other skin issues. A daily application of aloe vera on the place of the stretch mark and a good rub for 5 minutes around it and cleaning with lukewarm water would probably help you to get rid of this issue. A daily dosage longing for a complete month would support you to receive successful results sooner.

Ancient Olive Oil

Our ancestor were not lucky enough to receive treatments through modern technology. All they had left was, the secret remedies from their home garden. Olive oil was one of the main substance used for many illnesses, scars and other skin problems. Slightly getting the olive oil warmed up and applying it smoothly and gently on the effected area of the body will gradually reduce the scars seen on the skin. It should be continued for a period of one or two months continuously in order to expect good results.

Now moving on to another issue which most of the women have? Cellulite is a type of underlying fat which develops on the skin. This eruption mostly is caused around the thigh area and buttocks. Puberty changes would also be the co- course for this issue, but there are home remedies which are available to help you out this matter.


Using coffee grounds for this purpose would sound unrealistic, but it is a remedy which is practiced throughout centuries by many people. Using the ground coffee as a scrub on the effected area would soften and lighten up your scare. A daily application of this remedy would be much useful for better results. Also keep drinking a cup of coffee daily to induce more coffee into your system. It will stimulate your brain and also reduce your stretch marks gradually.

Apple cider vinegar

Recommended by most of the people, this remedy is said to bring quick results for cellulite treatments. Mixing Apple cider vinegar with two parts of water along with a drop of honey and mixing it together will bring you a solid paste. Apply this on the area where the scar is and leave to rest for 30 good minutes. Later on wash it of with warm water and continue this procedure daily for a month or two.