How to Prevent Alzheimer’s

Can you imagine reminding your partner who you are everyday or every hour? Can you imagine the pain one would feel, if you are not remembered after spending a life time with them? Not just this, but it is impossible to see them losing the ability to do small tasks and work and seeing them question their own self.

Save yourself and your beloved ones, from Alzheimer.

Alzheimer’s a disease in which brain degenerate with the passage of time. In this, there are certain proteins build up in brain, known as tangles and plaques which cause the nerve cells to loose connection and the death of nerve cells. People having Alzheimer has also shortage of some specific enzymes that help in the transfer of messages.

As the disease progresses, it becomes more and more severe. And leads to death.

It has been hard to find a cure for this deadly disease but researchers have advised the following steps to follow, to improve brain health and save yourselves from Alzheimer:

  • Learn multiple language – by doing this, one can learn more about different cultures, and become aware and as well as delay Alzheimer by 4 years.
  • Drink raw fruit and vegetable juices – by having fresh and raw juices of different fruits and vegetables, one can reduce the possibility of Alzheimer by 76%.
  • Add the forgotten vitamin K in diet – it plays a significant role in preventing Alzheimer.
  • Stress free environment – stress and anxiety are two main causes for development of Alzheimer. People who live in stressed environments are 135% more likely to get Alzheimer. So it’s advisable to stay in stress free environment.
  • Exercise regularly – regular exercise may protect the part of the brain, (hippocampal volume) which gets attacked by Alzheimer firstly.
  • Laugh more – laughter is the best therapy as it helps to grow more brain cells, and indirectly prevents Alzheimer.
  • Quit smoking and drinking alcohol – studies have shown that people who engage in smoking and consuming alcohol has 45% higher risk of getting Alzheimer. So, quit these both.
  • Quality sleep – sleep deprivation leads to many health problems such as stress and cortisol both of which form the factors contributing to Alzheimer. Moreover, brain clearing of beta-amyloid is more active when we sleep.
  • Restrain sugar consumption – take control of the amount of sugar intake to keep your brain healthy. Diabetes is a key factor causing Alzheimer.
  • Increase Omega 3s – take diet that has high amount of omega 3s like fish, chicken, olive oil and more as it improves cognitive functions and decline chances of brain deterioration.
  • Be socially engaged – staying socially engaged helps brain to function in a healthy way. Neither we nor our brain can survive in isolation. So try volunteering, join a club, take some classes etc.
  • Try strategy driven games, puzzles and riddles – mental workout by playing games, solving puzzles and riddles helps us to retain cognitive associations.

Alzheimer can be prevented by keeping yourself healthy, active and socially interactive. One should try to stay fit and healthy in order to save yourself from Alzheimer.